What Is a Business Brokerage Firm

Since its inception in 1996, Viking Mergers & Acquisitions has sold more than 700 businesses – and the majority of them were in the $1,000,000 to $25,000,000 selling price range in terms of volume. Most of the companies that are valued in this area are run by the original founder who wants to sell for various reasons. Whatever the reason, successfully selling your business at fair market value can bring you considerable stress relief, a chance to rest and renew yourself, and certainly a financial improvement by helping to “take a few chips off the table” and convert your company`s notional book value into real money. We will guide you through the 10 best business brokers you can find in the United States. Murphy Business has 38 offices in the U.S. and Canada and has been in the brokerage business for approximately 25 years. Other services they offer include mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, franchise sales, commercial real estate consulting services, and machinery and plant valuation. Finding the right business broker is a daunting task as we have a lot of them, but with our thorough review process, we have chosen businessexits.com as our #1 broker for large trades. Nevertheless, be aware that different brokers are better for businesses of different sizes – choose wisely. There is a common misconception that there are many more business brokers today than ever before or that the United States is saturated with them.

Neither is true. In fact, the number of business brokers has remained fairly stable over the years. As in any profession, there are good brokers and “not so good” brokers. Business brokers specialize in selling businesses, while real estate agents sell real estate. Business brokers have a number of national, regional and local associations in the United States that offer educational, regulatory and annual conferences to their members. One of the largest is the IBBA, which has more than 500 member business brokers in the United States. The IBBA also has a Canadian branch. It`s much less common for companies that make more than $1 million in revenue to be listed with a franchise.

A business broker is a professional who helps connect buyers and sellers when buying and selling businesses while acting as an intermediary throughout the process. Companies also hire business brokers to find suitable companies to buy or increase the likelihood of selling. In both cases, the expertise and contacts of business brokers should hopefully ensure a smooth transition and a favorable price that is received or paid. Business brokers have relationships with people who want to buy businesses as well as those who want to sell. They also know how to market a business for sale and will often be able to identify serious buyers with sufficient financial resources from those who are just bluffing. The broker`s success fee is usually paid by the seller once a business is sold and is based on a percentage of the company`s selling price. When the selling price increases, the percentage of fees tends to decrease. There are many reasons why you should hire a broker to sell or buy a business in 2020.

Here`s why. A smart starting point is to look at the percentage of businesses they`ve sold of all the businesses they`ve tried to sell. After assessing the background, it is worth choosing one with relevant expertise in the same field as the company in question. A common question in our industry is, “Why do business brokers charge so much?” Woodbridge International is one of the largest M&A companies in operation since 1993. They have 19 locations in the U.S. and abroad and work best with companies that generate $5 million to $250 million in annual revenue. Woodbridge International has a 150-day auction process that allows you to sell your business at the highest price before sales close. What is a business broker and why should a business owner use one? When you sell your business, you don`t want just any buyer, you want the best buyer. With the market we currently know, many sellers receive multiple offers, but the buyers who choose them are not always the ones who offer the most money.

You will have specialist knowledge of many aspects of a transaction to support a smooth sales process, including business valuation, negotiations with potential buyers, and due diligence process. .

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