What Is a Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form

Many of these errors involve the omission of documentation on the CCF. In these cases, these omissions may indicate some sort of manipulation or mismanagement of the testing process. For Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing, this is the procedure of documenting the management and storage of a sample from the time a donor provides the sample (usually urine) to the collector at the final destination of the sample and the verification and reporting of the final test result. It is, of course, imperative that information about the CCF be clear, complete and concise so that a result can be reported quickly and accurately. Just like using a non-federal form for a DOT test, the MRO must receive a signed memo from the collector explaining why the error occurred and what is being done to ensure it does not happen again. Several changes have been made to the Federal Custody and Control Form (FCS). Here`s what`s changed and how you`ll know the difference between the 2017 CCF and the revised 2020 FCC. Note: The revised form for 2020 will not be available in laboratories until March 2021. If you hire a new driver, you will need to pass an FMCSA drug test before hiring. There are a few steps to get it right. They are: No, a federal chain of custody form cannot be used in a drug test not performed by the DOT. The opposite is also happening; A non-DOT chain of custody form cannot be used for a DOT drug test.

Ultimately, responsibility for any errors made in the testing process rests with the employer. It does not matter that a commissioned service employee is responsible for the error. This ensures sample integrity and responsibility for a test sample. The CCF has obtained the status of a legal document and may be declared invalid if the template has been falsified and does not contain the complete information it contains. A broken or mismatched seal on the sample vial also invalidates the sample to be tested. As it is a legal document, the manipulation or mistreatment of the CCF is investigated and subsequently sanctioned in accordance with the law. Employers regulated by the DOT and their service agents (collectors, laboratories, medical examiners (MROs)) have the right to apply the revised CCF from 1. September 2020, but the laboratories have not yet provided them. In order to avoid confusion as to whether oral fluid testing is permitted in the DOT program and to allow for the exhaustion of existing shipments of former CCFs, laboratories are unlikely to ship any of the revised CFFs to DOT-regulated customers or their service agents before 2021 (or until the inventory of the former CCFs is exhausted).

The 2020 Federal Drug Testing and Control Form (FCC) was revised and recently approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on August 17, 2020. It is expected to be delivered by laboratories this summer. Below you will find more information on the changes made to the federal CCF in 2020. It is also known as a chain of custody and control form – or simply a custody and control form. The term “chain of custody form” is often referred to as a CCF or CoC and refers to a paper document or trace that shows the seizure, custody, control, transmission, analysis, and disposition of physical and electronic evidence of a human sample test. After the tests, they send their results to the MRO with a complete copy 1 of the CCF. The MRO then checks the CCF for errors, examines possible problems or defects and checks the laboratory result. If the MRO detects errors that cannot be corrected, it must cancel the test. The format of the CCF is generally specified and standardized by a senior management group composed of government and industry representatives such as laboratories, SAPAA and DATIA. The MRO will record its final result on the completed CCF and will also be able to transport this result electronically with a specific results reporting software. Throughout the process, part or a copy of the form can be kept by the sample collector, the organization to be tested, the distributor, the laboratory and finally the MRO, the MRO copy recording the final result. For laboratories, there is a correctable error: when the signature of a collector is omitted from the declaration of certification of the Chain of Custody form.

In this case, the laboratory must receive written documentation from the collector attesting that the information on the CCF is correct. Certiphi Screening will help monitor CCF deliveries and communicate additional information as the August 30, 2021 expiration date approaches. We will also endeavor to identify any necessary changes to the Company`s current Designated Employer Representative (DER) and company address (as it should appear on the CCF) well in advance of the August 30, 2021 deadline. If collection points or mobile technicians are in possession of a customer`s former CCF, we will contact them to ensure they receive revised forms. More information on the roles and responsibilities of the DER can be found in our contribution to the six main roles of the DER. It provides a good introduction to the title of the position of the employer`s designated representative. If a drug test is interrupted before hiring, it poses a particular problem for employers. Namely, the employee whose test has been aborted must have a checked for this reason that the employer, at least for DOT drug testing, has a copy of the chain of custody form.. .

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